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Newby Leaderboard • [DB] Tactical • XLRstats

Newby Leaderboard • [DB] Tactical

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Fresh and green! This is a Leaderboard with all newcomers on our server. Bite through it buddy, you will be competing for the real thing soon!
# Name Skill Ratio Kills Deaths
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Colonel Clam
[OHMY] Vasilly
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Unknown Soldier
|GS|? Disabled Monkey
These players have been missing for more than 60 days.

Skill Award
(Best skill: 1303)
Kills Award
[OHMY] Vasilly
(Most kills: 229)
Ratio Award
[OHMY] Vasilly
(Best Ratio: 1)
Winstreak Award
Colonel Clam
(Highest winstreak: 8)
Rounds Award
(Most rounds played: 44)
Efficiency Award
[OHMY] Vasilly
(Most kills per round: 15)