Poor Fall Back

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Poor Fall Back

Postby Afterburn » Sat Apr 04, 2020 12:14 pm

DC's screenshot.jpg
DC's screenshot.jpg (164.22 KiB) Viewed 769 times

This map was played last week, I called out DC for a poor fall back and of course he disagreed. These maps are old and truly played out. Most of us know where spawn points are and when they occur. DC knows every spawn point and takes advantage of it to his benefit. He also does this on Burgundy and Boris. Camping the center of these small maps is not allowed. Our spawn killing rule covers spam nades, camping key choke points from the center of a map or anywhere on the map, advancing to the objective covers it as well. A few other players are doing the same, so this post is not all about DC.


red X1 = DC's first spot where he stood and waited, killing several Brits to the east as we passed heading north.
white Y1 = Brits first re-spawn and direction of travel after flag taken.

red X2 = DC's next position where he stood and waited, killing several of us again as we walked into his view as he was facing north as they scored.
white Y2 = Our next spawn and direction of travel after DC camped center of map at X1.

One cannot be falling back if their direction of travel is NOT in the direction of their pin. DC does this a lot, the smaller the map the greater negative impact on the team having their flag taken. And of course a huge positive impact on the guy not falling back.

We came up with Fall Back rules as many players were taking advantage to pad their own score.
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