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DBTactical would like to Welcome all Visitors and Members to our web portal. If there is anything you would like to see here, or you encounter any issues, Please place a comment in the forums under the suggestions section, or contact the webmaster at if you require any assistance, please make a post in the support section of the forums.

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DB Tactical Server Rules

The following rules to our server have been put in place in an effort to ensure fairness and fun on our server. Anyone breaking these rules will be penalized accordingly. If you believe you have been treated unfairly, or have been undeservedly kicked or banned from our server, you may state your case to be reviewed by our committee.

  • This is the 1st & foremost rule we have. Whether it be a member, regular, or visitor, each will be offered the respect they deserve. We do not discriminate in any fashion, and we respect each others point of view. We ask that you respect the DB views as we respect yours. We reserve the right to remove gamers who disrespect anyone verbally or by their actions. If everyone follows this number one rule, all other rules simply fall into place.
  • We are a crouch only server. You may run for a few steps only if you are under direct fire or avoiding a grenade and need to find some cover. At all the other times you must move in crouch.
Hip Shooting:
  • Hip shooting is not allowed. You must fully pull up your sight to aim before shooting. We understand that people get surprised when turning a corner, and it is going to happen -we ask that you apologize if you do. This way we know that is unintentional and that you understand our rule. If you are hip-shot, please give the person time to apologize -do not blurt out, "nice hip shot". Give them a chance to acknowledge their wrong-doing.
  • Do not accuse others. Please go to spectate or to our TeamSpeak and talk/chat in private. Now, for simple rule violations, it is ok to talk to a DB member while in-game. We understand that some gamers do not have "voice" capabilities, so they must type out infractions. All we ask is, if it is handled, than LET IT GO. Do not continue to argue about the incident.
  • Any use of enhancements will get you banned for life. Understand this, if you are banned for using a "hack" there is no second chance. Hacks are handled strictly by Senior Admins (SA). We promise to use every resource we have to prove or disprove, and take fair steps among the Senior Admins before a permanent banning decision is made.
Foul Language:
  • This is a family friendly server. Even though we have no religious views, we respect yours, and will not allow 'bad language'. Abbreviations are the same as the whole word, so please do not abbreviate any foul words. You will be warned for saying or typing a foul word, and kicked from the server if you use the "F" word.
Player Names:
  • Any racist names are not allowed. Because of various heritages from different countries, certain names like "Adolf Hitler" are not allowed. Out of respect for all, sexist names are also not allowed. You will be asked to change it. If you do not comply, you will be kicked, temp-banned, or even permanently banned. This goes back to our first rule: Respect.
Going For The Objective:
  • We are an objective based clan. We always try to work together. We do not discriminate any style of gaming within our rules, however, unless you are defending your immediate base area, you must go for the objective on our server. And although camping is a legitimate tactical strategy for the team, camping an enemy area (such as their base or spawn point) or a choke point which does not allow the enemy to exit from an area, and shooting from across the map when it does not offer a legitimate strategy for your team (such as defending your team, the flag carrier, or your base), are not allowed.
No Spawn Killing:
  • Unless you are actually moving toward the objective, spawn killing is not allowed.
Falling Back When Your Team Has Both Flags:
  • You must fall back to your base area with or parallel to the flag carrier, not just halfway point of the map. If caught away from your base, you can only shoot into your base area to protect the flag-carrier. If you are behind enemy lines while the flag-carrier is on the friendly side, do NOT shoot any enemy until you are at your side of the map, or must kill yourself or allow to be killed.
No Arguing With Admins:
  • You are not to argue your point with an admin. You may ask them or another admin to come to spectate or TS. But understand that their word is final. If you have a complaint, please send a private message to an admin and it will be dealt with.
Have Fun:
  • Have fun!! This is a friendly environment, and the object here is to have fun with your friends. We promise, that if you work with your team, communicate, go to the objective, you will have fun.